Collage of Dump Trucks

CONSTRUCKS, INC. has over 40+ quad axle material hauling dump trucks to meet all your needs within the Midwest region and beyond. Our fleet serves a variety of needs for residential, commercial and municipal customers including: aluminum box dumps for maximum payload, to sturdy rock boxes for hauling the roughest materials, and live bottoms for shouldering and asphalt. Whether you need materials delivered or unwanted materials removed, we haul it all!

We offer safe and affordable hauling services for:

  • Agricultural Farm Supplies
  • Sand, Gravel, Fill, Salt
  • Utilities
  • Garbage
  • Building Materials
  • Lumber
  • and more!

We hire and employ only the most experienced drivers, making our reliability and service unmatched in the material and equipment hauling industry.

Contact Mike Joseph at (715) 254-0572 today to discuss your next project.



CONSTRUCKS, INC. offers heavy hauling, truckload and expedited services for the construction industry.  Although we specialize in transporting materials, cranes, railroad and construction equipment, we also offer forestry and agriculture equipment transport as well.  In addition, we also provide power only (tow away) moves, such as transporting equipment for plant moves for aggregate and asphalt companies.

Whether you need general freight, heavy machinery or construction materials and supplies hauled, we are equipped with heavy hauler trucks to help you with your hauling needs, and our lowboy trailers (35 to 85 ton) are capable of transporting the heaviest of loads.  We also have trailers (2 axle up to 13 axle combinations) including end dumps, flat beds, step decks, lowboys and sliding axle trailers, with winching capabilities.  Our team of CDL drivers is professional and experienced, and with many years in the industry, we have the knowledge to make the largest of moves seem easy.

Heavy hauls and oversize loads can present many challenges for the shipper, such as last minute dimensional and weight changes, as well as compressed schedule constraints.  Many heavy haul trucking loads will need special route planning and permits that are required to complete the shipment.  Our office staff orders the permits so that your commodity will move across the state or even the country in compliance of all governmental jurisdictions.  We at CONSTRUCKS, INC. handle all obstacles professionally and efficiently while containing costs and completing the project on time.


For pricing and more detailed information on our heavy haul trucking services, please contact Jared Krieger or Jesse Kirmse at (715) 344-0920.

Specialized Carrier Gallery

Railroad Fleet

CONSTRUCKS, INC. provides transportation service for railroads with specialized trailers with the ability to transfer equipment from trailer to trailer.

With the support of over 45 tractors, services include:

  • Sliding Axle Trailers for loading and unloading off railroad tracks in some of the tightest situations
  • Step Deck Trailers with built in deck rails
  • Fully insured and e-RailSafe Certified


XL 110 HDG Railroad/Ag Lowboy Trailer

Depending on the weight of the load, this trailer is capable of multiple axle configurations depending on where the equipment needs to go in the country. This lowboy trailer also has winching capabilities for load assist and pullout rails for the wider loads.


For pricing and more detailed information on our railroad fleet services, please contact Jared Krieger or Jesse Kirmse at (715) 344-0920.


Railroad Gallery